When Your Mechanical Devices Let You Down


When Your Mechanical Devices Let You Down

When my laptop breaks down I feel nearly as lost as when my car is in for repair! How we rely on these tools now! The other night we were at a quiz night in a local bar and the organizer of the quiz handed out hand written sheets to the various groups, not only hand written but copied by hand too! I was amazed at her dedication not many people would go to that amount of trouble to give their friends and complete strangers a night out, and she does it every week.

Well it was a good night we all enjoyed it but what dedication!

Now, back to my problem, here I am in Spain with 2 dodgy laptops, one I dropped as we were packing up for Spain, which until a few days ago would load but not connect to the internet. I have been very lucky as a new neighbor looked at it for me and Googled the answer. Apparently a tiny button had been knocked to an off setting when I dropped it.

Yesterday the other old XP laptop, which I love suddenly stopped connecting to the internet. It has had a few idiosyncrasies for a while which I had leaned to live with, after all it is an old friend, but now it won’t connect at all. Searching geeky fixes on the internet, sure enough loads of suggestions. I tried a few things, and half way through one set of instructions my screen was no-longer matching the illustration, so completely stumped I gave up.

Completely stuck, I had abandoned the idea of fixing it myself when a few hours later the neighbor offered to have a go at fixing it, I had planned a trip to the repair shop but I’ll have to wait and see what happens. How I wish I was Geeky enough to fix problems as they occur, I just don’t speak the same language as repair instructions.

Well imagine what the cause of the problem with the second failing laptop, the neighbor has just returned it, and it was a similar problem; the internet connection on this laptop, was next to the on off button and in error had been turned off. So should you ever have an internet connection problem before you pull your hair out, or take it to the repair shop look for a connection button, it could just be the answer!

Perhaps it is lucky for the repair shops that some of us are just incompetent at fixing mechanical devices, or at understanding instructions, or they wouldn’t make a living. As for helpful neighbors, I am just very lucky and delivered a nice thank you gift.

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Some books you might enjoy:

“Ask for the Moon and Get It!” by Percy Ross

“Turn your computer into a money Machine” by Avery Breyer

“Microsoft Windows 8 Made Easy” by James Stables

Or there are some very good reconditioned Windows 7 Available.