The Secret Of Business Success – One Single Element


The complexities and competition in some businesses can sometimes be hard to explain. Sometimes no matter how hard they try, some business owners always find themselves in a crash and burn situation. If this should ever happen to you, do not get frustrated.

You would not be alone. 95% of entrepreneurs have experienced failure in business at one time or another. There are many tips suggested for running a successful business but what is the one element that will make your business flourish?

I have recently read a success story about an entrepreneur named Joy. Joy is a disabled woman who had been depressed for quite some time. Her two legs were not in proportion. One leg is longer than the other one. Two years ago she made a choice and decided to get some medical treatment for her condition. Even in spite of her disability, she tried to go out and mingle with other people.

On her journey she also saw some other disabled people who had even worst conditions than hers. She could see that many were challenged and depressed by their conditions also. This was where she decided to start up a counseling business for people like her. Before she carried on with her plans, she studied all the possible disabilities that a person could have.

Joy also studied counseling for six months. She emerged in PWD homes for children and/or adults. She studied the different personalities that could arise in a person when afflicted with a disability.

She studied and planned her business for one and a half years. After all the research, studying and training, she decided to make her business an online one. The reason for this is that she knew that many disabled people can be embarrassed to share their insecurities. For the most part, they want it to remain private. Sometimes they would travel far and wide to seek anonymous counseling.

She promoted her site. On the homepage she shared her own story and the battles she had faced and had won because of her disability. The article she wrote was a comfort to many others in similar situations as hers.

Right there and then, five people signed-up and scheduled for counseling through a Skype call. Most of them did not want to be seen. She had five clients in that first week in the business. This went on for about six months – five, two, three clients. She never rushed. She remained calm. The main purpose and focus of the business was to help people like her to recover and start to feel good about themselves.

After six months, her business became one of the most popular and visited sites online. She was earning far more than what she expected. Her business grew. Joy was already starting to feel more fulfilled. Today, she is one of the highest earners online for her consulting business.

According to Joy, the secret to a successful business lies not on your capital. A business will succeed when you have passion with what you are doing. The love of what you do is a very crucial part of your business. When your heart is in your career then success may just be a snap of the fingers away.

Joy said at the end of her article that any business can a challenge and they can really gets challenging at times but if you really love what you do then you are heading in the right direction. The outcome of your business will surely be a successful one.