No Time To Start A Business From Home?


Are you jealous of those people who have been able to find the time to start a business from home and are making the most of the financial freedom that comes from a second income?

When you’re working a regular day job and you’ve got a family life too, finding any extra time can seem like an impossible challenge. But everyone has the same 24 hours in their day so what can you do that will give you hours more in your day so that you can start a business from home?

Set Priorities

When you recognize tasks and set your priorities properly by what is important over what’s not important, you can get control of your time. Your four choices are the most important, the most urgent, the least important and the least urgent. Put these in order and you see time gaps that you can use to get that home business started.

Remove Distractions

There is no question that when you start a business from home it will involve work. The quickest way to start a business from home is online but there are a lot of distractions on the internet. You’ll work faster and smarter if you switch off your email, log off from social media sites, turn your mobile phone to silent and get on with the task in hand.


If you try to do everything yourself when you start a business from home you’ll probably never finish anything. There are many benefits to outsourcing the issues that simply suck time from your day. Your top priority should to find new prospective customers and make sales.

If you’re spending a long time trying to design your website and advertisements or having difficulties writing interesting content material, there are websites like Fiverr, Elance and UpWork where you can quickly find good freelance workers with a wide range of skills who can do the work for you at a reasonable cost.

Batch Your Tasks

When you have lots of different things to do, it’s tempting to swap between one task and another. But it’s much more effective to focus your attention on one task at a time. Aim to touch each task only once and complete it. For instance, have a set time to check and post to your social media sites in one fell swoop or write two or three blog posts in one sitting. When you batch your tasks you can achieve more.

Have A Planned Schedule

Reviewing your schedule at the end of the day helps you to see what you’ve achieved and tells you what’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Use technology to help like Google Calendar or Outlook, synced to your smartphone to help you remember what it is that you should be doing now, and what you should be doing next.