Here’s Why People Shop At Flea Markets and Why You Should Be Selling To Them


Literally millions of dollars in cash changes hands at flea markets and swap meets each and every weekend in the United States and they are booming.

Let’s look at a few of the reasons why shoppers continually go to them.

In a weak economy many people are searching for bargains. They have a limited amount of money to spend each month and try to get the most for their money. They often find the exact same items available at Family Dollar and Dollar General stores, only for less than the store price. From brand new Tupperware to Watkins Spices to Avon and Mary Kay and even Miche designer handbags, one never knows what they might find at a flea market or swap meet.

Children looking for more XBox and PlayStation games will also look for them there. They often find the vendors are flexible on their prices. Sellers will often give them a better bargain when they buy two or three games at the same time. Children also quickly learn the art of ‘dickering’ on the price for a better deal, something they can never do in a retail store.

Young people want to stretch their dollars, too. Many are just getting started in their careers and need affordable dress clothing for work. Many sellers sell clothing, everything from sturdy, slightly used work jeans to expensive designer executive suits and ties for hundred of dollars below retail. Not everything is used. Many sellers are offering brand new clothing at less than retail price. Parents will also find that one perfect dress for their 15-year-old daughter’s coming out party at a really good savings.

Many people, especially women, will walk through flea markets searching for that one piece of furniture or decoration for their home. Many people decorate their entire home with flea market finds. There are many articles in women’s magazines devoted to exactly that.

Older folks find flea markets and swap meets to be excellent places to meet up with their friends on weekends. They can buy a cup of coffee and a pastry for a decent price from the snack bar, find a nice place in the shade to sit down and spend a few hours chit-chatting with their friends. The flea market or swap meet is quite often the only place, the only time, they get to visit with their friends and it gives them a good excuse to get out of the house awhile. Before they leave they will pick up a few things they need while they are there.

Young people become young adults and create families of their own. They will bring their children with them when they shop at the flea market or swap meet. (Many flea markets have rides and children’s areas the children look forward to visiting.) These children quickly learn the weekend flea market shopping habit. When they grow up and have children of their own they will teach it to their children without even realizing it and the cycle continues.

Flea markets and swap meets are nothing but central locations where many different small businesses gather together. The variety of goods offered is very diverse. From one weekend to the next one never knows what items they will find.

Flea markets and swap meets often have traveling vendors who will stop in, people who will sell there for just that one weekend before heading out on their way somewhere else. Millions of people live full-time in their Recreational Vehicles and sell at flea markets. It is perfect for retired folks.

This is what draws people to the flea market or swap meet and it is also why you are losing money if you are not selling there. They will never lack for customers, unlike the strip mall store that must constantly buy expensive advertising to bring people to their door.

Becoming a vendor is one of the easiest, lowest cost small businesses a person could start. Permits are very low-cost, spaces are extremely affordable, as little as $5 per space per day, and you will never lack for customers – everyone in town knows where the flea market is and they will always be looking for bargains.

It’s a win/win for everyone.

Discover below how you can start your own successful flea market and swap meet business. You could be open and making a profit in as little as two weeks from today. You can supplement your current income with just a few hundred extra dollars each month or go big time and earn $5,000 or more.