Graphic Designing As a Viable Online Business for Home-Based Christians


The internet has opened up a lot of doors for those who have access to it. Some of them use the internet as a form of entertainment, while others use it as a resource for education. One advantage it has brought to our Christian community and the rest of the world is that it has given millions of home-based individuals an opportunity to earn extra income. In fact, there are 20 – 30 million Americans who use the internet for their online business.

One of these opportunities is graphic designing. While making Bible class announcements, charity bake sale flyers, or a poster for your church’s benefit concert, did you discover that you have an eye for design? If so, an online business that provides graphic designing services is a perfect fit for you. The first questions that pop in your head are probably something along the lines of:

Where will I get my capital?
What if my skills are not technical enough?
Who will be my first clients?

These questions could be a pressing concern to any start-up business, except yours or what will become of yours is online-based. As far as capital is concerned, the minimum requirement is a Photoshop software and you would more or less spend 20-25 dollars a month on it, depending on the program. There are more advanced software that you can get for 600-700 dollars, and hardware (such as a Pen Tab) that you can opt for, but you can worry about than later when you’ve already learned the ropes of your new business.

If you already have an eye for design, then technical skills won’t be much of a problem either. You probably need a few weeks to get over the learning curve, but once you’ve learned the basics, you’re good to go. For skills that are more technical, YouTube can be a good resource of tutorials. Netizens all over the world are generous enough to offer tips, tricks, or even demos to those who are just learning how to use Photoshop.

Now for the last challenge, you might find yourself with a scarcity of clients. Don’t panic-this is normal for most startup businesses. That is mostly because you don’t have a portfolio yet. However, do not you’re lucky enough to be part of a supportive Christian community. There is always something going on at the church; offer your graphic designing services for free. You may opt to help design your church micro-site, or offer to make pamphlets for certain activities. Whatever it is, we’re sure it will help you get the word-of-mouth that you need to get your online business rolling.