Freelance Projects Should Be Taken As an Additional Source of Income and Not Primary


Work from home jobs gives you additional income, but it can take a toll on your health and family life as well. With rising prices, spending time on freelance projects sounds very lucrative but consider some points before you start looking for additional work.

Manage your time

You need to get your time management right to be able to juggle two jobs. Your primary job is your day job, and there should be clarity in your mind about that. Don’t get confused about the two because a freelance job can come and go but getting and maintaining a regular job is vital. Get focussed on your work at the office so that there is no pending work. This will let you use your time efficiently and deliver the freelance projects on time.

Airplane mode works

Once you have the relevant information with you, disable your internet connection to improve productivity. Online alerts and social media can be a mighty distraction that eats away at your precious time when you want to earn a little extra. Use some of the popular apps which disable websites like Facebook and Twitter and let you work instead of waste time scrolling through your news feed.

Stay within your limits

You know how much work you can do even on your best day. Keep some margin and take up work accordingly. You take up freelance work for extra income but if you deliver unsatisfactory work then you are less likely to get employed. It is a very unprofessional thing to do. Don’t get greedy, focus on quality and build your reputation to get dividends in the future. There are plenty of freelance projects so you don’t need to try and grab as many as you can with every attempt.

Talk via mails and messenger apps

When you rely on work from home jobs for a steady income, there are two major advantages of using e-mails and messenger apps to communicate – time management and written proof. You can always go back on a verbal agreement but if you gave it in writing then you can save a lot of time which would have been wasted on clarifications. E-mails are better than a telephonic conversation because you can get replies as soon as the other party is free. There is no indecent hour to send an e-mail so send e-mails whenever you want and communicate as soon as possible.