Create Market Openings by Combining Multiple Businesses Strategies


What can you do to obtain financial freedom; even on a small-scale? Here are some ideas you may not have considered. These will not exhaust your capital, so long as you start somewhere, and make the necessary adjustments as you go, you will get there.

Begin with a list of skills and attributes you already have; are you a writer, or grammar ninja? Are you brilliant with numbers and data-entry? How about your creative side… can you sew, or paint; do you love photography? Are you good with woodwork and building things and design?

You will discover many skills you already have. Include items of personal interest on this list also.

Data entry has openings within many different businesses, and social networking sites. People will pay you to enter their posts, or to edit them on their behalf. You could do the book-work, accounting, and payroll too. Much of this type of work is outsourced by freelancers these days. Combine this with online sales like Amazon, or eBay and sell things yourself… there are unlimited resources and products out there. You might have a secret family recipe you could sell in a PDF document, or a series of short stories.

If you’re a sales person… what else could you sell outside of your work place? By importing items of interest, e.g. musical instruments, or health products and baby gear, you can open the floodgates of commerce. There are vast streams of income and wealth opportunities on the WWW, varied and virtually inexhaustible.

Artists could combine with other artists, and creative types and fill a gap in the market. Photographers can combine with art and craft creators and frame pictures or print photos to canvas; combining these two skills will put you both in a stronger position, giving you greater offerings and influence.

I know of a sign writer whom opened an art gallery in a small shop in town. He put his work and community influence into the task, and then synergised this with other likeminded individuals. They share the rent and expenses, and the profits. They have also coupled with a hot dog stand, positioned right outside their door. So people come for the food, and find themselves entering the gallery to have a look around… brilliant!

You may be a landscaper, or lawn mowing contractor, why not add to the services offered, by cleaning windows or selling firewood? Having access to other people’s unwanted trees and logs lying about their place, gives you the opportunity to turn that unwanted junk, into your cash! You would be doing them a service by cleaning up their place, and that will flow back to you… a double whammy of income streams.

As you’re cleaning up their place, there may be items offered that you could on-sell. Consider further by offering oven cleaning, or carpet cleaning! You’re out and about in the community all the time, so fill the day’s work in one area at a time.

How about offering a regular maintenance schedule for property agents, or the elderly. A lot of work will channel to you, by simply making yourself available.

Are you a delivery driver? Do you have your own small truck, or van? Then advertise in the local paper for pickups and drop offs in various areas you would normally travel through. Combine grocery delivery and the opportunities will mount up.

If you’re mechanically minded, then repair small engines such as lawn mowers or chain-saws. If you can do that, then you could probably repair bicycles also. Even if you’re just assembling them for others, this will pull some cash your way. Pool your skills together and work smarter.

Tutoring is a huge opportunity, especially with people learning English as a second language and this is not limited to language alone. Can you tutor math, or science? Sewing or knitting; even chemistry? Exam times for students are pretty stressful, so to help someone out and further their own career, will extend yours as well. If you have the skills, then put them to good use.

Are you a coffee connoisseur? Does your wife loves shoes, then look into creating a boutique coffee shop where husbands can sit back and have a coffee while their wives shop for shoes? You get cash flow from caf food, AND the shoes. Or hit the road with a mobile coffee van or a sushi van.

Walking dogs and caring for pets while people are on vacation, might couple with delivering newspapers and junk mail. Even babysitting and day-care is an opening, if you need cash and have time on your hands.

Do your homework and suss out the target audience, and open your eyes to begin the journey. Multiple streams of income will free you up in its own way, as you won’t be entirely governed by one market alone. Every bit you do every day counts.