Building an Online Home Based Business – Could You Do It?


Building an Online Home Based Business - Could You Do It?

When I first started I sat at my computer and thought “What do I need to start my own online Business?” It wasn’t just the Software that was the Challenge it was the Hardwear – Me – what kind of person do I need to be?

Patience – you will at some point be banging your head on the desk. Logging onto my Laptop can be a challenge some days. You will need to put into place a System that will enable you to run a Business from home. What do I mean by a System? Applications like EzineArticles, Grammarly, WordPress (to name a few) There is so much information out there you really don’t know where to start. I found what I needed by trial and error. I googled what I wanted, signed up for what I thought was the best Application. A few didn’t match my requirements, so I logged out, deleted it and moved on. Eventually, the fog will lift, all will become clear and you will have a built a Business System.
Love a Challenge – It’s like starting a jigsaw, eventually the pieces will fit into place (see point 1 above). Being an entrepreneur can be daunting if you have just started out. Most people are doing this alone and for the first time. You have to work hard to get known as the “Expert in Your Field or Niche“. Try asking your local magazine or newspaper to publish an Article on a topic that is trending or relevant for the publication. Make sure you are offering Value rather than trying to Sell them something. You could go to national papers. Your local radio station might be interested in what you have to say. Get on Stage (way out of most peoples comfort zone) but once nausea has passed you have a captive audience and 15 minutes of fame and you never know who might be listening.
Never Stop Learning – the Online world never sleeps and is constantly changing. It’s a challenge to keep up so take time every day to learn something new. It could be a Podcast downloaded to play at the gym or in the car (but please don’t fall asleep in either place!) a Self-improvement book for bedtime or one of the many (and I mean many) Free Online courses you can sign up for.
Care about People – Your clients will get to “Know, Like & Trust” you when you give them Value, this takes time. Do Not and I mean Do Not go in feet first Selling your won’t work, you will drive people away. Take the time to build a customer base that you can eventually Sell and Resell to, but they will only become customers if they Know, Like and Trust you. Offer Advice or ask them questions on how you can improve your service. Send out a Survey or Questionnaire asking “What are your top 5 issues?” Then answer these issues in a Fact sheet or Video via email.
Communication – It’s all about Telling a Good Story – be it your own story or a product you are selling. Know your Product inside out, the good the bad and the ugly. Be honest if there is a feature that could be improved upon. Learn how to write and get good at it. Make sure you are on the Social Media Platform that your customers are on, and the ones that best suits your product or service. Don’t try to be on them all! Choose 2 at first then expand as your knowledge and confidence grow. Start an email list, keep your customers regularly updated – again offer Value before you Sell.